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How to Take Care Of Your Safety Shoes? 5 Thumb Rules You Must Embrace

How to Take Care Of Your Safety Shoes? 5 Thumb Rules You Must Embrace

Robert White |

Wearing safety shoes when working at industrial & constructional is extremely important, as these robust, high-duty shoes protect us from severe foot injuries. 

With the above said, it is also your responsibility to devote a little time to take care of your safety footwear, right from everyday cleaning to fixing small-to-big damages promptly. These are several safety footwear tips that ensure your shoes stay is in optimum wearable condition for years. 

Black Hammer’s range of safety shoes is precisely designed to ensure professionals don’t have to invest much effort in maintaining their work shoes. 

Here, in this post, we’ve rounded up five thumb rules  to embrace in order to add more years to the lifespan of your safety footwear:-

Thumb Rule 1: Fix the Wear & Tear, Never Overlook

The first rule of thumb for the maintenance of your workplace footwear is to look out for any sort of wears & tears. 

Check whether the minutest part of the steel toe is visible, if that is the case, then you need to take your pair of shoes to a trustworthy local expert with prowess in Safety Shoes to deal with this problem right away.

Apart from the steel toe, you must check the condition of the insole is it coming off or unable to provide the comfort expected. 

Also, thoroughly see if the metatarsal guard is visible.

In the above conditions, you must consult a professional to repair the damage.

When you avoid wear and tear, the problem becomes severe with time, and you’ll have to purchase a new pair of Work Shoes , and this will burn a big hole in your pocket.

Thumb Rule 2: After Work Cleaning Session

After a rough and tough day at the worksite, it is highly recommended that you must clean your safety shoes with a sponge and a dry cloth or a brush, it is important to get rid of small pieces/dust particles from underneath the shoes. 

Make sure you have lukewarm water to clean the shoes, avoid the use of any sort of chemical solvent as it lowers the life span of shoes. 

However, if you are struggling to remove the dust and dirt particles from the shoes, then you can slightly add gentle detergent to the lukewarm water. 

Thumb Rule 3: Drying the Shoes Properly

In case your safety shoes have become wet owing to the condition of your workplace, it is important not to wear wet footwear. You must give time to the shoes to dry out, rather than putting the burden of your work shoes, when it is in the most vulnerable state-wet condition. 

During the drying of the shoes, it is vital to stuff the inner part of the shoes with the paper as this will absorb moisture from every inch, and maintain the shape of the footwear.

You can air-dry your footwear, but in a ventilated space away from the direct exposure of the sun. This is because the heat is proven to have a bad impact on the durability of the safety shoes. 

Not to mention, always keep your work shoes stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. 

Thumb Rule 4: Use of Leather Wax

The leather wax not only renders a touch of grace and elegance to your safety shoes but also thwart the dust particles from sticking on the shoes.

Apart from cleaning, your leather safety shoes require some sort of beauty treatment to maintain its original look. With premium-quality leather wax, you can give the leather material its lost shine, durability, and flexibility.

Not just the shiny appeals more professional at the workplace, also makes it tough from the dirt/dust particles to stick to the treated shoes. 

Thumb Rule 5: No Washing Machine

While we love the convenience of a washing machine when it comes to cleaning our clothes, but for safety shoes, it is a big “No.” 


Because the safety footwear shoes will absorb the odors which are already present in the bucket of the washing machine. 

Your safety shoes need to be thoroughly cleaned in the fresh air and never in a washing machine as it can hamper its life span. 

You can also use a spray to give your shoes a fresh scent, but ensure that it doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients. This is also a key aspect of taking care of your workable shoes to establish the work best and for long.

Closing Remarks

In the end, if you adhere to the above-mentioned five thumb rules for taking care of work footwear, then your safety shoes will remain in the best condition to protect your feet from injuries at sites. 

Additionally, it is important to read the guidelines of the manufacturer, what do’s and don’ts they are requesting you to follow.