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Sole Types of Safety Footwear - Pros and Cons

Sole Types of Safety Footwear - Pros and Cons

Robert White |

Did you know workplace injury amounts to 10,000 cases were reported in the first year? This was revealed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

As per OSHA, an employee can encounter a myriad of hazards at the worksite, and “Slips, Trips, and Fall” combined is amongst the most prevalent injury causes. 

In the 21st century industrialized world, there are numerous countries such as the United Kingdom were wearing safety shoes, for people into logging, shipping, construction, and many other similar occupations is obligatory by law. 

Protective footwear is special purpose Safety Shoes, highly robust and are worn for their ability to thwart foot injuries from rolling or falling objects, slipping wet surfaces, safeguards from electrical and countless workplace hazards. 

Here, at Black Hammer, we bring you a vast collection of best quality ladies safety shoes and Safety Boots Mens. Our comprehensive range is stylish yet comfortable, deliver practical safety protection that your daily worksite operation demands. We have developed a robust reputation in the UK markets by harboring an array of market-leading work shoes brands and assuring the most competitive pricing.

Various Sole Types for Safety Footwear - All You Need To Know


This is a popular safety shoe material typically found in rubber boots. PVC sole is resistant to strong chemicals, and cold resistance between -5 to -20, while it is not apt if you are working at high-temperature worksites.

One shortcoming associated with PVC sole safety shoes is that they have a low slip resistance rating compared to other sole materials. We do not sell PVC soles for this reason.

Steel Midsole

The steel midsole enhances the strength of safety shoe and its capability to protect the foot against nails, glass and piercing stuff that can come in from the surface. The steel is a popular pick as an anti-penetration solution for workplace safety shoes.

A steel midsole is also an economical option compared to Aramid materials. This sole is embedded into the outer construction of the shoe and is often recommended to wear for people those work at sites where tiny and sharp objects are a significant threat. 

However, a steel midsole lacks in terms of comfort; this is what most working at construction sites believe; it makes the heavy slightly heavy. And, that’s why there are countless alternatives to steel midsole and mentioned below. 

At Black Hammer, we are in an endless strive to reduce the chances of foot piercing injury and improve your day-to-day work experiences by presenting a comprehensive collection of steel midsole work boots in the UK.

Kevlar Midsole 

Safety Boots Mens typically come with a stole plate to the main sole with the objective of protection against the terrible piercing foot injury. During the earlier days, Steel plates were the most preferred pick. Although steel soles were potent in cutting down on piercing related-injuries, they made shoes uncomfortable and somewhat stiff to wear. 

Now, this is where the advanced penetration technology of Kevlar midsole came and stole the show by answering the above drawback of steel soles. 

The Kevlar midsole is more comfortable and flexible compared to its counterpart steel plates, and upto 70% lighters.

Being one of the biggest safety shoes stockists in the country, we have for you ultra-lightweight and comfortable Kevlar midsole empowered workplace shoes.

Inner Soles Cushion

The work boots insoles are divided into two broad categories; one is the comfort insoles and other being the support insoles.

If your occupation requires you to stand or walk on rough/hard surfaces for a long, check out our range of oil and slip-resistant soles, precisely designed for pure comfort and reduce foot pain. 

Compared to the comfort insoles, the support insoles have as tougher material to present more significant structural support and better support. While, this insole is a splendid choice for those working at places where surface misalignment is common, but can contribute to back, knee, and ankle pain over a period of time.

Black Hammer - One Stop Place to Full Stock Safety Shoes and Safety Boots for Men

You’ll appreciate our efforts to stock the widest variety of safety shoes and boots in the United Kingdom. Our whole and sole priority is your comfort & safety while you sweat day-and-day out.

What we Promise:-

  • Quality Guarantee
  • Comfort Guarantee
  • Best Prices
  • Top Safety Shoe

So, be safe and comfortable with an array of safety ratings:

EN ISO 20345:2011 SB

EN ISO 20345:2011 S1P

EN ISO 20345:2011 S2

EN ISO 20345:2011 S3

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