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Your Guide To On-Site Cold Weather Gear

Your Guide To On-Site Cold Weather Gear

Robert White |

Winter. It comes in out of nowhere and stops you in your tracks. Cars stop working. Equipment stops working. But you don’t have to. Black Hammer has had you covered, literally. And we know that choosing the right safety trainers and general safety footwear and gear for any crew can seem overwhelming. So let's bring a machete to this jungle of options and talk about how you can outfit your crew, in any field, with the right safety gear to keep them warm and working. And even if you don’t work outside, you could still use the comfort, warmth, and safety of a good safety shoes.

Cold Feet?

The most commonplace that outdoor workers feel the cold is the midsole. Once that area gets damp and chilled, it’s a very short time before the rest of the foot feels the same chill. While you won’t get trench foot from standing on a wet site for a shift or two, prolonged time with your feet submerged in cold water does lead to cracks and blisters. Those areas make it easy for infection to creep in. Easy fix. Men’s Safety Boots and work shoes now come with an inside layer of protection from the elements. No longer are they bits and pieces of rubber held together by string. Modern work boots and Safety Trainers come with different linings ranging from wool and polyester right up to microfiber mesh to protect feet. And now work socks are available that are thermo smart. A lot of them are made with a percentage of spandex to aid in comfort while also allowing for breathability. Even putting a comfort insole in your favorite pair of men’s high cut safety boot aids in keeping your feet warm and dry. For ultimate protection when outdoors, the men’s high safety boot with slip-on is a must. The slip-on option is a must if you go from indoor to outdoor frequently. Steel-toe cap boots for men have come a long way but, lacing them up repeatedly is annoying if you have to do it multiple times a shift.

The Great Indoors

Not everyone has to face the menacing season of winter head-on. Many people prefer to work indoors. Or at least there is no call for them to have to traverse the frigid climate for more than just going to and from their workplace. Metal-free safety boots can be an alternative to the heavy steel-toed cousin. For those who wear steel toe boots in a commercial environment, for instance, a metal-free, high cut safety boot with slip-on gives you as much coverage and protection as a men’s safety trainer or safety boot with a steel toe. These are usually made with a form of Kevlar mesh instead of metal. Men’s work trainers and safety shoes also can have the lightweight, metal-free toe and heel.

It’s In The Jeans

Men’s Work Trousers are a must if you are an outdoor worker in winter. A far cry from the basic coveralls of yesteryear, modern Work Trousers for Men are made of cotton, wool, polyester, denim as well as other microfibers. The composition of the pant leg has changed as well. Instead of just on a straight tube of material, patches are often interwoven inside the leg to provide comfort, durability, and warmth. Even basic work pants are now fashionable around an office, for instance, because many new features are available to the customer. Anti-wrinkle, stain guard and stretch resistance are a few that are incredibly useful. 

Hammering Home The Point

So whether you need a few dozen, heavy-duty socks for your crew or just need a new pair of men’s high cut safety boots with a slip-on option, Black Hammer has had your back for many years. Keeping it warm is the first step in being able to function at your job, no matter what you do for work. Feeling like you are safe in what you are doing is crucial. You should always feel like your gear is as well prepared to bring you home safe after a long shift as you are to work it. You work hard, so should your personal safety equipment. If you need men’s work trainers or just the insoles for them you will always be well taken care of and treated with warmth and respect, no matter what season with us.