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Black Hammer Workwear


Are you sick of wearing the same old safety clothes and footwear at work, day in and day out? You might think there's no other choice and that workwear is always going to be unfashionable and uncomfortable, but here at Black Hammer, we think that there should be another option. To solve this problem, we designed a line of workwear that is comfortable and will turn heads, inside and outside of work.

Workers Wear Their Workwear More Than Anything Else, So Why Settle For Anything Less?

But it's not all about fashion; health and safety should still be the main priority in the modern workplace, so Black Hammer is dedicated to delivering the finest safety footwear, composite safety bootswork trousers for men, and other workwear products around to keep you protected. Our innovative designs and expert craftsmanship combine to bring you safety footwear and workwear that you will love to show off.

Built From The Foundation Up

Our business is built upon four key elements: quality, comfort, style, safety. We aim to bring you footwear and workwear that meets all four of these elements, and just like you on the job, we always deliver. Our workwear keeps you looking good, keeps you safe in all conditions and is built to last.
We understand what Workers want and need, so we design our products with you in mind, tailored to meet your requirements. Our products are suitable for a range of people though, even if you're not a trader; our Mens Safety Boots & Mens Safety Trainers are the ideal solution for hiking, climbing and adventurous or extreme sports because they are built to withstand almost anything.

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Practical And Stylish

Look good, feel comfortable and stay protected with Black Hammer safety footwear, workwear and Work Trainers Men. Let us help you to find the right safety solution for you or your workforce so you can gain confidence in what you wear.