Mens Safety Boots S3 SRC Steel Toe Cap with Steel Mid Sole Protection Leather 5993 Black Hammer

Anti Static Rated, EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 Safety Work Boots Trainers and Shoes

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Heavy Duty Meets Style

Upgrade your style with a safety boot

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Heavy Duty Meets Style

Upgrade your style with a safety boot that’s built to last. These working boots for men can be worn all day with full comfort. The insulated lining keeps your feet warm even in freezing temperatures while the inner soles cushion your feet comfortably.

These steel toe cap boots adhere to S3 src safety standard specifications so you know you’re well-protected from impact. It’s also resistant to various substances like oil and water so it’ll be easy for you to keep your feet dry all day.

Tick all the boxes of your safety, comfort, and style needs with Black Hammer’s steel toe cap boots.


 Heavy Duty S3 SRC Specification Boots & Water Resistant
 Hardwearing, Slip & Oil Resistant Soles
 Designed to Withstand All Weather Conditions
 Cushion Support Soles & Breathable Lining
 Premium quality grainy action leather

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