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Benefits Of Kevlar Safety Shoes

Benefits Of Kevlar Safety Shoes

Robert White |

Why Buy Kevlar - Black Hammer

Kevlar has fast become a popular material in the world of safety shoes. It is a material known for its toughness and many popular brands are now opting for it instead of the more conventional materials. 

However, it seems like many people still don’t know much about it and how it differs from other materials available in the market. In this blog post, we’ll do just that, as well as discuss the instances where going for a safety boot and trainers with Kevlar midsole is a good choice. 

Understanding Kevlar Safety Boots and Trainers

Kevlar safety shoes or boots mean they are a type of protective shoe that uses Kevlar as part of the protection features. Kevlar is an extremely durable and tough material, constructed by weaving synthetic fibres together. Kevlar is usually used as the midsole or insole in safety trainers and safety boots. Kevlar insoles are resistant to punctures, significantly reducing any danger from stabs. 

In some of the metal-free safety shoes and composite toe shoes, Kevlar is also used for toe caps. They have become popular because they give protection similar to metal safety shoes in a metal-free profile. 

Key Advantages of Kevlar Safety Boots and Trainers

Kevlar Shoes - Black Hammer

There are multiple benefits of using safety shoes with Kevlar insoles, midsoles, or toe caps, making them a preferred choice for many professionals in different challenging fields of work. Here are the top 5 benefits of getting safety trainers and boots with Kevlar:

Kevlar is Lightweight

Even though Kevlar is a tough material, it is very light and is perfect for keeping the overall weight of the safety boots and trainers to a minimum. Many jobs benefit a lot from lightweight footwear, as it allows the workers to take more steps throughout the day without feeling excessive fatigue. This results in higher productivity in the long run as well as lesser complications like sprained ankles, blisters, and generally sore feet.

They are Puncture Resistant

In case you didn’t know, Kevlar is used to make bulletproof wear. Do we need to say anything more about its puncture-resistance capabilities? Safety shoes with Kevlar midsoles offer unparalleled protection against sharp objects like glass pieces and metal. This makes them the preferred choice for use in workplaces that have a higher risk of piercings from sharp objects. 

Built for Flexibility

Not only is Kevlar extremely light, but it is also very comfortable. Kevlar does not bind or crease when you twist your feet in any direction. This material stretches around your feet, perfectly accommodating your movements. So, if you’re thinking of getting a safety trainer or boot for extended wear, then Kevlar is the way to go. You can be on your feet all day or working in very extreme conditions and you will still feel comfortable. Check out the Black Hammer 2222 - a safety trainer that is as comfortable as it looks!

The Insulating Properties of Kevlar

With Kevlar safety shoes, you get both, electrical and thermal insulation. Kevlar shoe inserts will never conduct heat, meaning your feet remain insulated from extreme temperatures - hot or cold. It also does not conduct electricity, so you will be protected from all electrical hazards, which is a big win over the metal counterparts. You get the best of both worlds - comfort and protection!

Perfect for High-Security Locations

If you work in a location that is classified as high-security then you’re going to love this. A key advantage of Kevlar work shoes is that if they are part of a composite, metal-free profile then you will not trigger any false alarms when passing through metal detectors. In high-security places like airports, military installations, government facilities, etc., this will be the right type of safety footwear to use. You probably have to pass through security and scanners multiple times each day and with a Kevlar safety shoe, you will not have to worry about setting off these machines.

When to Buy a Kevlar Safety Shoe?

Kevlar Shoes Pair - Black Hammer

While we’ve already built a strong case for you to opt for safety shoes with Kevlar, you might be wondering what are the situations when buying a shoe with this material is an absolute necessity. So, let’s look at these situations:

  • If you work in job sites that pose a risk of injuries from sharp objects like glass pieces and nails, etc.
  • If you work in a place where you have to move about a lot, such as a warehouse.
  • If you work in a military base, government buildings, and airports, where you will come in contact with metal detectors frequently (make sure you buy a Kevlar safety shoe that is metal-free).
  • If you work in a place where comfort is essential, such as factories that require workers to stand for extended periods.
  • If your job or work requires you to hike a lot. This is where the lightweight and super-protective and super-comfort feature of Kevlar shines.

Buy Kevlar Safety Shoes Today

If you’re looking to buy Kevlar safety shoes, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Black Hammer, we have a wide selection of safety boots as well as safety trainers with Kevlar midsoles. Check out our hot selling 9007 Safety Trainers, which are S3 SRC certified and offer maximum grip on the most slippery surfaces. All of our safety shoes come with an industry-leading 6 months sole warranty. Visit our products with composite toe caps today.