4 Most Common Questions about Safety Boots
4 Most Common Questions about Safety Boots

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If you are buying safety shoes for the first time, tons of questions must be going through your head. Which brand is the best? How much money should be spent? How long will they last? And like these, many other questions must be making you restless. With everyone, the same thing happens. And when it comes to safety, it’s good to be curious,...

Black Hammer Safety Boots
List of All Types of Safety Work Boots

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male worker holding a tool box and a brush thinking of safety footwearWorkers who spend days at construction sites are at constant risk of injuring their feet. To protect your feet, you need the right footwear depending on your working conditions. Unlike other safety gear, choosing safety shoes require way more research and know-how to ensure you get one suitable...

Composite Toe Vs Steel Toe | Black Hammer
Composite Toe vs Steel Toe

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Steel Toe Boots Mens have been the industry norm for many years. However, with advancements in technology, the new breed of Composite Safety Boots and work boots are becoming ever more some professionals’ go-to boot of choice. So which is the right boot for you? Here is our handy breakdown of the key points to help you decide.