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Anti Static Rated, Metal Free

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These Black Hammer leather Safety Trainers Mens are tough but lightweight. The Kevlar...

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These Black Hammer leather Safety Trainers Mens are tough but lightweight. The Kevlar midsole and lightweight Steel Toe Cap Boot provide you with protection and comfort but at a fraction of the usual weight for heavy-duty protection! you’d barely feel them!

Our Composite Safety Boots are made from premium black leather durable for extreme conditions. These are also oil and slip-resistant and can go against any surface. So, if you don’t have safety shoes but you think you should buy, it could be the best investment you ever make to protect your feet.

Wearing Metal Free Safety Trainers can be beneficial if you need to get through metal detectors very often or need better thermal insulation.

These Metal Free Safety Boots aren’t only for work. Use it for different activities and enjoy the ultra-lightweight feature!


NON-METAL SAFETY Kevlar and Composite Safety Trainers suitable for Airports
Complies with UK & EU Safety Regulations CE CERTIFIED EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC: Issued by Intertek

OIL AND SLIP RESISTANT long lasting soles with anti-static heels SRC

SIX MONTH SOLE WARRANTY On All Our Safety Boots Mens


As soon as you buy the right pair from our full range of Work Trainers Men, you'll have better work experience while preventing potential hazards at work.

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